Babyproofing Your Relationship

Babyproofing Your Relationship


From May 23, 2020, 1:30 p.m. to May 23, 2020, 4 p.m.


You got the plug protectors, the foam bumpers for furniture, and three kinds of safety gates, but what about protection for your relationship? Parenthood is a well-documented fast-track to poor communication and disconnection. The lack of sleep, intimacy, and time to yourself, and the added responsibility for one or more other lives, is sure to grab your shoulders and give a firm shake to your romantic foundation, exacerbate any previous issues, and bring new ones to the surface. But you can prepare, you can repair, you can babyproof your marriage.

Through this class, you'll learn simple, but quite powerful ways, of looking both at yourselves as individuals and the dynamics between you that will arise, or have already arisen, in parenthood. This enhanced understanding will be parlayed into easy (well, -ish. Let's be real here. How much of the time are relationship issues easy?)-to-use, practical tools that can help you navigate this journey together with as much ease and effectiveness as possible, and actually bring you closer together as even more connected partners.

PLEASE NOTE: For the sake of focus, it is highly preferred that kiddos do not come to this workshop. However, if it's a choice between not coming and coming with your little one you can bring them. Nursing infants are welcome.

The Facilitator

Aaron Steinberg
Aaron F. Steinberg, MA, CPCC, is a relationship coach, group facilitator, and father of two young boys. He works with individuals and couples in his private practice, leads group workshops and courses, and is the author of a guidebook to working through romantic conflict called The Honesty Practice. He has helped hundreds of people learn to feel truly fulfilled in romantic relationships.



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